The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) makes you, as a contractor, responsible for protecting your employees from hazardous asbestos. Asbestos is frequently found on the following kinds of jobs: remodeling, renovation, boiler work, plumbing and heating, demolition and maintenance services.


According to the OSHA guidelines, ignorance is no defense. You are responsible for being knowledgeable about the asbestos problem and for dealing with it appropriately when you encounter it. Work stoppage due to asbestos frustrates everyone. But the risks associated with asbestos – both health and liability make it necessary to attend to the problem. We at American Abatement, Inc. are problem solvers who understand the dilemma of the contractor who has found asbestos on the job.



If you think asbestos may be in your home, don’t panic! Usually the best thing is to LEAVE asbestos material that is in good condition ALONE. Generally, material in good condition will not release asbestos fibers. THERE IS NO DANGER unless fibers are released and inhaled into the lungs.

If you suspect it may contain asbestos don’t touch it, but look for signs of wear or damage such as tears, abrasions, or water damage. Damaged material may release asbestos fibers. This is particularly true if you often disturb it by hitting, rubbing, or handling it, or if it is exposed to extreme vibration or air flow.


If asbestos material is more than slightly damaged, or if you are going to make changes in your home that might disturb it, repair or removal by a professional is needed. Before you have your house remodeled, find out whether asbestos materials are present.

-from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment



Asbestos fibers are strong, durable, resist heat, acids, and friction, and are practically indestructible. Asbestos fibers have a tendency to break up easily in smaller and smaller microscopic tiny particles that simply float in air and stick to clothes and other surfaces. Because of these properties, asbestos was often combined with other materials for use in industry and construction.

Asbestos becomes a health hazard when these materials disintegrate, collapse, or are otherwise disturbed. Asbestos fibers are so tiny that they can be easily inhaled or swallowed without a person’s awareness. When asbestos materials are damaged, unseen fibers are released into the air, where they can stay suspended for a long time. Asbestos can then be inhaled and the fibers can be embeded deeply in the lungs. These fibers also settle on surfaces and clothing where they can be redistributed into the air by motion such as walking past a contaminated surface. Once an area or surface is contaminated with asbestos dust, special procedures and equipment are necessary to decontaminate that area or surface, as well as anything inside the area.

Poisonous Mold Remediation in Denver CO


While there remain many unresolved scientific questions, we do know that exposure to high level of molds causes some illnesses in susceptible people. Because molds can be harmful, it is important to maintain buildings, prevent water damage and mold growth, and clean up moldy materials.


Molds are ubiquitous in nature and grow almost anywhere indoors and outdoors. More than 1,000 different kinds of indoor molds have been found in U.S. homes. Molds spread and reproduce by making spores, which are very small and lightweight, able to travel through air, capable of resisting dry, adverse environmental conditions, and hence capable of surviving a long time. Molds need moisture and food to grow, and their growth is stimulated by warm, damp, and humid conditions.


We also know that molds can cause illness when people are exposed to extensive mold growth indoors. In its 1993 report “Indoor Allergens,” the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that airborne fungal allergens were most often associated with allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis/conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. In its 2000 report “Clearing the Air: Asthma and Indoor Air Exposures,” IOM concluded that there is sufficient evidence of an association between exposure to mold and exacerbations of asthma.

Emergency Response

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet:

Emergency Asbestos Removal in Denver Colorado


You can count on us in a crisis. We keep state-of-the-art equipment and supplies ready in our warehouse to respond immediately in emergency contamination situations. Ameri-can Abatement holds all required certifications, licenses, and insurance. We are fully bonded and carry Asbestos Specific Liability Insurance including special Occurrence Insurance for unlimited exposure-time coverage. This protects you, our customers, to the fullest possible extent.